Dr. P. Daniel Ward

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Dr. P. Daniel Ward isn’t just a board-certified facial plastic surgeon; he’s an artistic innovator, a meticulous surgeon, and a trusted guide on your journey to a rejuvenated you. His story is one of unwavering dedication, a constant pursuit of knowledge, and a deep-seated belief in empowering individuals to unveil their full potential.

From Science to Art:

Dr. Ward’s fascination with both science and art ignited his initial path towards medicine. This unique blend continues to fuel his approach to facial plastic surgery, where delicate surgical precision becomes the brushstroke in creating natural-looking enhancements.

A Legacy of Learning:

Dr. Ward isn’t just a practitioner; he’s an educator and advocate for his field. He shares his expertise with future generations at the University of Utah, ensuring the torch of knowledge continues to illuminate the world of facial aesthetics.

Empowering Choice:

Open communication and comprehensive education are Dr. Ward’s cornerstones. He believes in collaborating with you, addressing your unique needs and concerns, and equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your journey.

When you choose Dr. Ward, you choose a partner who walks beside you every step of the way. He listens, guides, and empowers you to unveil your best self. His dedication to natural-looking results ensures you emerge feeling confident and authentically beautiful.

Professional Credentials


  • Medical Degree: University of Utah
  • Master’s Degree: Utah State University (Chemistry (Theoretical Chemical Physics))
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Utah State University (Chemistry (Life Science Emphasis)

Professional Experience

  • Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • Research Fellow: Multiple research fellowships at National Library of Medicine & NIH
  • Extensive Experience: Performing a wide range of facial plastic surgery procedures
  • Academic & Public Speaker: Sharing insights on facial aesthetics & surgical techniques
  • Author: Contributor to esteemed publications in the field of facial plastic surgery

Ready to step onto your path to transformation?

Your journey to unveiled beauty starts here. Explore Dr. P. Daniel Ward’s website to delve into facelifts, discover his passion for empowering choice, and schedule a consultation to unleash your unique potential. Connect, explore, and transform – the possibilities await.


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